THE BEATNIKS COMIC Created, Written & Drawn By: Rodney Lambright II

We are The Beatniks

Welcome to The Beatniks Comic crew you’ve officially embarked on a journey you won’t forget. Before you explore the intricacies of our domain we’d like to shed some light on the background of our creator, Rodney Lambright II. You see, Rodney, is quite frankly, T-H-A-T nigga. We were forged from the very depths of his mind (and hands) after all—but don’t tell him we told you that. This cartoon and anime loving artist was inspired by Aaron McGruder, Bill Walterson, and LeSean Thomas, just to name a few. His adoration for Hip-hop inspired him to bring a new element to the world of comics strip. He no longer felt it necessary to dwell in shadows of society, but felt it critical to embrace the eccentricities of himself; thus, we were born. You can think of us as hidden fragments brought into manifestation through his growth. In other words, we are the birth of his strengths that he once called weakness. We are The Beatniks!

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